How to Install Mods Sims 4

If you regularly play SIMS 4 and have not yet delved into the world of SIMS4 mods before, you might want to download and install mods to customize your gaming experience. Installing mods can sometimes be confusing. However, we will discuss the process to download and install mods step wise so that you will be able to easily install SIMS 4 mods.

What are mods ?

Before we discuss how to install mods, some of our readers might want to what mods are. These are some game modifications for the SIMS 4 game and they are simple. Any game that is moddable comes with modes, and these mods can improve the features of a game as well as introduce players to completely new features and functions of a game. Mods developers work hard to ensure that they produce stable content and improves the functionality of a game.Most of the Players play Sims 4 on Windows but You can play sims 4 on macbook pro as well.While playing on macbook mostly people report that the performance is very well on macbook

Some mods are designed to make minor adjustments to how a game operates as well as fix bugs that may be irritating for a lot of users. Now, we will discuss how you can download and install mods for SIMS 4.

Mods Sims 4

How to install Mods :

Mods are generally installed in the mods folder of your SIMS 4 game folder. To find the mods folder, go to the Documents folder and then double click on the ‘Electronics Art’ folder. In the Electronics Art folder, you will see ‘The Sims 4’ folder. Open ‘The Sims 4’ folder and you will find the ‘Mods’ folder in it.

If you still have trouble locating the ‘Mods’ folder, go to the ‘Users Folder’ located on C. In the ‘Users folder,’ you will be easily able to locate ‘My Document.’

Turn on Mods :

You will now have to enable mods via the options menu. To enable mods, click ‘ESC,’ and then tap on the ‘Options’ menu. You will see the ‘Other’ option in the Options menu. Click ‘Other’ and from there select the option that says, ‘Enable Custom Content and Mods.’ Note that you will have to again enable mods if a patch is released.

The Mods folder :

Now, you will need to find and create the ‘Mods folder.’ For this, you need to right-click in the white area within the game folder, specifically the ‘Sims 4’ folder. Now create a folder and make sure to name this folder ‘Modes.’ The game will automatically recognize this folder and it will attempt to utilize something in this Mods folder. So, once you have downloaded the modes, you will need to copy the downloaded items in this Modes folder.

Note that ‘Script’ mods are specific Mods that should be kept inside a zip folder so they will continue to operate perfectly. To enable them, go to the game options menu and click on the ‘other’ option in the menu. You will see a ‘Script Mods Allowed’ option, click on it to enable Script mods.

Installing :

Sometimes you will have to unzip some zip files to install mods. If a mod contains ‘.ts4script’ extension, leave it alone, and if it is a ‘.package’ file, copy it to the ‘Mods’ folder. If the file is a zip, open it and see what type of file it is. If the zip file is a ‘.pyc,’ it is a script mod and you should keep it unzipped. However, is it is a ‘.package’ file, copy it to the mods folder.