Chinese app ban: Here is how big PUBG was in India

India holds the fifth position in mobile gaming. PUBG, the mobile game, has been famous for a long time now, and nearly 50 million people in India have reported playing PUBG on their mobile phones. Yet, a sudden ban on this Chinese game has significantly affected the people and also the gaming history. It has been considered as the most preferred gaming application all over India on mobile phones as they setback when it comes to gaming on PC. It is a multiplayer game offering both Online and Freeplay. It is important to note here that PUBG is the short form of PlayerUnknowns BattleGround, which is a gaming application for both PC and the mobile, but mobile phones are preferable all over so in India.If you still want to get pubg for pc then you can download it from

When and Why PUBG mobile games get banned?

PUBG got banned on 2nd September by the Central Government along with other Chinese applications. Tencent, a Chinese multinational technology, has reportedly earned approximately $7 to 8 billion per month before its recent ban. Although PUBG is a free game, it offers some in-app purchases that have profited PUBG to a whole next level. This game has attracted a plethora of Indian gamers, making them addicted to it and gaining more players day by day. According to the reports provided by App Annie, Tencent has also brought forward a lighter version of PUBG in which India holds almost half the user ratio as compared to the gaming ratio on PUBG lite’s platform worldwide. People have gotten incredibly attracted and addicted to it that it has started showing negative consequences on the Indian children that resulted in the ban of this popular game in India under Section 69A.

Chinese app ban

How many active players PUBG had before its ban in India?

As noted by Pokkt, a mobile advertisement platform, nearly 200 million Indians have spent 42 minutes each day since 2017 on several mobile games, among which PUBG holds significant popularity. The developing company of PUBG, namely Tencent, has also claimed that PUBG has almost 30 million active gamers daily. PUBG is known to be the most popular mobile game in India. Even PUBG lite becomes popular soon after its launch.  However, the Indian Government has banned both versions of PUBG, resulting in a substantial loss for Tencent.

Chinese gaming application PUBG was the most demanded and the most played game since 2018 till its ban in India.

Since its launch, PUBG has reached the highest rank of popularity in India. Yet, the recent ban of this Chinese app, along with other Chinese applications, has created chaos among them. Notably, several advertising companies have also highlighted the details of this game as a whole to increase their viewership. For instance, Dynamo, Panda, and other content creators have noticed the popularity of this game and have intellectually used it for boosting up their brands. In short, PUBG is the most played game in India, holds a special place, and its ban has consequently affected a lot of people as a whole, both economically and emotionally.