How To Find Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key?

As you almost certainly acquaint (because you have found yourself here), you have to have a valid product key for reinstalling MS Office 2010. If you have not already glanced, you can evade the procedure below by simply checking for the product key on a disc sleeve, email, or manual receipt that came with the purchase of Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download.

Beyond it, assuming MS Office is was pr still recently installed, the valid product key you require for reinstalling Microsoft Office is stored in your Windows Registry. Unluckily, digging it up from there would not be much aid because it is encrypted. Luckily, numerous free software apps known as the key finder programs are more than able to locate, and decrypt, that super significant Office 2010 product key.

How Can You Find The Office 2010 Key Code?

Follow the steps mentioned below for utilizing the free LicenseCrawler tool for locating and then showing you the valid Microsoft Office 2010 product key:

  • First of all, simply download the app. It’s a portable and free program, which means it doesn’t require any installation. This tool can help you with the valid product key extraction for Office 2010.
  • After downloading the program, simply extract the contents of the file to the folder, and run the execution file of the app.
  • Read through the opened screen prompt > hit the button that it asks you to press.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

There may also be an ad or a few other first setup screens (such as the license agreement or language selection) that you need to wait for, close, or simply click through for continuing. Simply follow the on-screen directions for opening the tool.Read more about CHINESE APP BAN: HERE IS HOW BIG PUBG WAS IN INDIA

  • Choose Search when the app opens.
  • Wait for the app to scan the complete registry, searching for the registry keys that have product key details. Since you almost certainly have a lot more apps than Office 2010 installed, you will probably see many entries.
  • Once the app is done scanning this registry, simply scroll down through this list and search for the entry that begins like one of the following:



  • Under this entry, note the two rows, one labeled Serial Number, another labeled Product ID.Every type of software is available for free @ with original product key.
  • The product key of Office 2010 is the alphanumeric one that is listed after the Serial Number. The product key will be twenty-five characters long, have five sets of 5 numbers and letters, and formatted like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.
  • Write the product key down exactly as the app shows; you can either do so by copying it right out of the app or manually. If you are off by even one character, it will not work.

Another method of saving the key code is to go to File and then Save to make the text file that has all of the results. You will need to search through them again to locate the Microsoft Office key code, but at least you will acquaint it is forever saved.

  • You can simply now install Microsoft Office 2010 again, utilizing the key code that the application showed you.