How To Fix The Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, No Red Light Issue?

Samsung televisions are necessary for everybody who requires an optimal television experience. That is to say, because Samsung appends top-notch graphics and high-end features with the televisions. So, if the Samsung TV won’t turn on no red light problem is bugging you, we can assist you in resolving the error. In this guide, we will be sharing details about the meaning of this light and simple fixes!.A lot of people face different kind of errors in samsung Tvs but before doing any thing advance try clearing cache on samsung tv

What Does This Issue Mean?

When there’s no red light switched on your Samsung television, and it is switching on, there’re odds that the television isn’t getting the power. So, the troubleshooting solutions for this problem will be very easy, like:

  • Power Reset:

If your television isn’t turning on and you still don’t see the light, we recommend going for the power reset. For power resetting your Samsung television, take the power cable out from your television and also the power outlet. Once you take the power cable out, wait for about 30 secs and insert the cables again. Then, switch on your television and your screen will be shown.

  • Power Cables:

When it is about the switching-on problem, you have to check the power cords because if the power cords are not functioning at their best, your television will not turn on. The cables have to be free of fraying and any other damage because these cables can really impact the electric passage. Also, you have to utilize the right cables. For starting with, you have to utilize the HDMI cables because these promise a smooth connection. In addition to fraying and damages, you have to make sure that the cords are plugged into the outlet and ports securely.Learn different ways on how to Add The Tubi App To Your Samsung Smart Tv

  • Outlet Change:

We’ve already stated that the problem is basically because of the power problem. So, you have to take the power cord out for about a minute and change its outlet. The outlet has to be functioning properly. It’s highly likely to resolve the problem because the television may not turn on because there’s a power outlet problem. Also, if you’re utilizing the surge protector, it’s advised to take that off.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On

  • Press Buttons:

In a few situations, the television is, in fact, switched, and your screen has gone blank that gives the idea of your television not turned on. So, we recommend pressing diverse buttons on your screen except for the power key, and if something happens, it denotes that your television has blank screen problems. For this reason, you’ll have to contact the technician because troubleshooting can’t resolve this issue.There are other many types of errors which people face using samsung Tvs.There are different solution for each error is available at

  • Voltage:

If nothing is helping and your Samsung television would not turn on, there may be a voltage problem because televisions demand precise voltage counts. You can check the voltage prerequisites in the manual card and see the power board. If the voltage isn’t the best, all you have to carry out is wait and allow the electricity voltage to come around.

  • Servicing:

In case the power cable changing and outlet changes did not work out the problem, and your television isn’t turning on, calling the Samsung technical support is the best option. That’s because they’ll send the technician your way and will be capable of resolving the problem.

  • Power Board:

In case your television isn’t turning on, there’re odds that the relay has fused out. For checking this problem, you’ll have to take the backside off and see the relay. When you touch it, it’ll spark a little and switch on your television. While doing so, make certain to utilize plastic equipment or a screwdriver because it has a current.