Amelia Dronehart is a worldwide community of women RC Pilots.

The Dronehart group is made up of women who fly single-rotor helicopters, fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft, while some women prefer Ready To Fly (RTF) copters others prefer Do It Yourself (DIY) builds but we all share the same passion of flight. The foundation of the group is to support each other and and use this platform as a way to connect with the world wide community of female RC pilots. By coming together in a single group we are able to have a larger impact on the RC community and inspiring other females of all ages and backgrounds to enter the amazing world remote controlled flight.

Our core bond is the love of flight and the technology but our backgrounds and why we fly are very diverse; some fly just to fly, some are geek gadget lovers, others are photographers or film makers, some are educators using the technology with STEM education and the list goes on – if you’d like to find out more about the Dronehart ladies please visit the bio page. (HOW DO I INSERT A LINK TO THE PAGE HERE?)

Individually we are active in the online and offline communities and thus have inspired many men who love RC to encourage their wives, girlfriends and daughters to give flying a shot. My personal goal as the creator of this group is that our presence will inspire more young girls to pursue STEM/STEAM and Robotics programs!