Rhianna Lakin

Portland, OR, USA

Content Creator for: http://www.skyrisimaging.com/

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Instagram: @aerialrhianna

Twitter: @aerialrhianna

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhiannalakin

Email: RhiannaLakin@gmail.com

Amelia Dronehart

Rhianna is “A mom with a Drone” and the founder of the Amelia Dronehart RC Copter Group, an international group of women who fly single and multi-rotors. Her goal in creating the group was to bring women together to support each other, show a “softer” side of drones, and to encourage and inspire other women to join the industry; this goal has become a reality.

Rhianna has spent a considerable amount of time in Asia over the last 14 years and her life was forever changed after witnessing several natural disasters there, including a devastating flash flood caused by illegal logging and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. She started flying so that she could one day help with disaster relief, search and rescue and exposure of environmental crimes.

Rhianna has been flying for three years, and is active and passionate about promoting the positive uses of drones, with a focus on Search and Rescue, Humanitarian relief, Conservation, Environmental studies, STEM and Robotics.